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Bones Blues Band


About the Blues


“Blues is the soul of black America enshrined in music ... not just bitterness and sorrow but joy in the rhythms of the dance” -- - David Harrison, 1977


Let’s start at the beginning. What are the origins of the blues? Why is the music called “blues”? As to origins, there is no definitive answer to give you, no historical documents to refer to. Like any other form of folk music, the evolution of the blues went largely unrecorded, and inevitably, the opinions of musical historians differ as to its precise genesis.


Here is my version. The blues was borne of the African-American experience in the rural South at the turn of the 20th Century. What became known as the blues was an amalgam of “field hollers” and prison camp work songs, (both sung in a call and response manner which relieved the tedium of long working days), plus spirituals and folk ballads, both West African and European in origin.


-- read full article by Graham Pewter (drummer in Bones — Bermuda’s only Blues band — and the former co-host of Bermuda Blues on FM radio)



Graham Pewter (on drums/vocals)
Neil Burnie (on Sax/Harmonica/vocals)
Andrew Chamberlain (keyboard)
David Skinner (lead guitar)
Leroy "Smoove Groove" Richardson (bass)



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